Cloud Migration Services

Catering to most SMB’s needs, $4 a month is all it takes for full Microsoft 365 Exchange Email services. Hosting your email in the cloud is a choice everyone has to make nowadays. Accessing your synchronized information over from any variety of devices such as Desktops, Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones has become essential for all.

This is where Cloud4Networks comes into play. We offer full migration assistance and guidelines to ensure an easy transition to premium cloud mail services such as Microsoft 365, Google Apps or any 3rd party hosted Exchange. We will work in conjunction with YOU or your IT staff to plan and execute the migration in the most efficient and affordable manner.

Getting the migration process started in a smooth and stress free fashion is a tricky process even in large organizations with an experienced IT staff. Doing this right is what we do. The Cloud4Networks  team has been managing Exchange servers for more than 15 years and thus we understand what features are available and how to utilize them to the maximum. We address the needs of any business budget and will not sell you services you wont use or require. Cloud4networks will assist you making your right choice through the myriad of options all the providers throw at you by default.

Cloud4Networks will be available to prevent any potential hiccups that may arise during the migration. We will support you configure Mobile devices and desktop options too. In fact Cloud4networks offers a lot more than that catering to your full IT for any computer support you will require. We dont sell you a story and will tell it to like it is.

As any good Systems Administrator knows

“Its not what you know,  its what you need to find to out to get the job done.”

The digital age has greatly enhanced but at the same time complicated our lives. So many different systems need to work in harmony and we all know there are speedbumps along the way. The professional Systems people are there to guide you though the hoops and iron out any issues that pop up along the way as they inevitably do.

When moving to the cloud it is essential to first assess your needs and budget which vary for every circumstance. Microsoft Exchange has been unreachable to the very small business till now and costs involved to maintain an in-house server have made it a hard choice for even small and medium sized businesses.

Being one of the most widespread choices for email servers Microsoft Exchange is the leader in its field and has been since its inception. The Microsoft Outlook client we all know and use was built around this amazing server infrastructure and it integrates seamlessly to the majority of networks today. Hosted Exchange is what we recommend most for an easy transition to the cloud.

Let us assist you with your migration needs.

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